We believe in keeping the acquisition process as simple as possible. It always begins with a basic dialogue to determine like values, understand timing considerations, and getting to know some key facts of the business. Of course, we are always interested in pacing and working with you in a way that is comfortable. We have been in your shoes and understand exactly the process you are going through in even considering a complete sale or investment in your business. We know we are a great partner, but we also have the time for you to take to see this.

Typically, the process - from start to finish - follows the below pattern in some form:
  • Initial dialogue(s)
  • Values alignment
  • Basic information sharing
  • Fit determination
  • Confidentiality agreements signed
  • More detailed information shared
  • Letter of Intent component dialogue
  • Letter of Intent signed
  • Due diligence
  • People review
  • Financial review
  • Legal review
  • Business strategy and planning
  • Close
Depending on your pacing and timing, this entire process can take anywhere from 2 to 6 months. The process also can take longer if you would like to spend more time on the front side getting to know us. Again, we are flexible and able to move as quickly or as slowly as you like. Every situation is different, and we will do what makes sense for your unique position. At least we can confidently say that Access will not create an undesired hold-up in the process. We are here to pace with you.

When you are ready, just contact us and find out.