Access is backed by its management and two very successful entrepreneurs. Access does not have any investors outside of this group, and no party in the group is representative of institutional money or capital from a fund.

Access views its current investor make-up of its management and two entrepreneurs as a distinct competitive advantage. We also view this composition of involved parties as a key enabler for Access to execute on its long-term mission to build an "impactful" company that has an extensive positive reach with its employees, communities, vendors, customers, and shareholders for the long term.

The two partners outside of management have the following experience:
  • Started wholesale business at 16 years old and grew it to a $500M wholesale and retail business with 2500 employees in 30 years.
  • Started 8 businesses, primarily in financial services, media, and telecom that have a combined market value today of $30B.
Both entrepreneurs established family offices to manage their assets several years ago. This family office aspect only enhances the entrepreneurial experience and perspective by adding substantial acquisition, integration, and operational expertise to the Access repertoire.

The family offices are not only contributing capital but also key resources and services to Access. These resources, services, connections, and networks are a significant asset for all Access operating companies and provide another distinct competitive advantage for Access.