We use the word partnering because we believe, even in 100% acquisitions, we are partnering with the company we are acquiring. We are partnering with the owners to ensure a smooth transition. We are partnering with the people of the business to ensure continued growth for the business. We are investing in the people of the business to provide new opportunities and personal growth development for each person.

It is a given, in today's world, that you must be able to execute on the strategic and tactical components of your business, but we believe the outperforming companies will be able to pair this superior strategic and tactical execution with the development of its people.

This is what we mean by our people-centered approach.

Different than a typical strategic buyer, our interest is partnering with good people. We do not approach an acquisition with the perspective of "what can we cut" to make the acquisition work. Our approach is one of evaluating the business fit (geography, product lines, distribution base, industry relationships, etc.) and the people/culture fit. Our plan ALWAYS involves working with and developing the people within an Access acquisition.

Since, we typically are not just interested in buying a book of business and eliminating the rest of the company we acquire, we usually will not be the highest bidder for an acquisition.

A mutual fit with Access involves those business owners who are interested in the perpetuation of their business and are interested in opportunities for their people. We have found that those who simply have getting the highest amount for their business as the number one objective above and beyond consideration for the future of their people and the company they have built are NOT a fit for Access. Typically, there has to be more to the sell of one's business than pure financial gain to be a fit for Access and for us to add the value we are focused on adding.

If you feel like this sounds like a fit for you now or in the future; or know of someone who is aligned with this approach, please contact us.

We look forward to talking with you.