Access is primarily focused on "control" acquisitions of businesses in P&C insurance. We will consider some growth capital investments as well as management-led buyouts and operator buy-ins when the situations and businesses are compelling enough to do so. Additionally, we will consider public-to-private transactions with the correct strategic fit.

Even with 100% acquisitions, there typically is a transition period for the owners of the business. Additionally, we always consider - in all acquisitions - how to best enroll, engage, and inspire the people of the business. Incentives aligned with these objectives can take many forms (equity, compensation, bonus, special considerations, etc.), but it is always part of the formula in an Access acquisition.

Currently, Access is principally concentrated on acquiring sales and distribution businesses in Commercial P&C. The main focus has been on wholesalers, MGAs, and program administrators.

For this segment, we have successfully employed the below criteria to analyze organizations that are a fit for an Access acquisition:
  • Stable business with solid contracts and relationships
  • Complimentary agent distribution base
  • Complimentary product representation
  • Solid people with potential and desire for growth
  • $2.5M to $6M in EBITDA
These criteria have some flexibility depending on the nuances and special situations of the business. For example, a company with a $10M EBITDA could be a fit due to other compelling factors (certain products, contracts, etc.). We simply use the above criteria as levers or guidelines for evaluation. Additionally, some of these criteria will not apply to other areas of the P&C market we are looking at for complimentary expansion to our sales and distribution base.

Our experience tells us that every situation is different, and being entrepreneurs, we always are up for taking a look.

If you would like to start an initial dialogue, simply contact us. It always starts with just talking. We only can assure you that we will be extremely sensitive to your situation and hold everything in complete confidentiality. That not only is the right thing to do, but it also is what we always wanted and expected in our past entrepreneurial exits of our businesses prior to Access.