The Access Acquisition & Integration Approach is defined by two foci:
  • People-centered
  • Every situation is different
We do not believe in change for change's sake. Every situation is different and requires a unique assessment to determine the best move forward plan. We believe in fully understanding what has been done to date to build the business to the place it is today. We also believe in taking into account the skills, experiences, needs, and know-how of the management and people of a company we acquire to ensure that we customize our approach to generate the most success possible for this company. We work closely with the people in the company to ensure the right tools, resources, systems, and processes are paired with the particular company and its people.

We are interested in what inspires and drives the people of company we acquire in addition to what their values are. We believe that creating alignment with these driving forces and values of the people of the business with the business strategy, daily execution, and a far-reaching shared vision and purpose generates peak performance for the business and Access overall.

We certainly do not have all the problems solved, but we come to the table with a suite of tools and resources from our entrepreneurial and operator experience that our operating companies can pick and choose from depending on what will be most beneficial to them.

The bottom line is that we roll up our sleeves, providing as much or as little as necessary in the way of resources and support to take the business to the next level. That has been our experience and will continue to be.