Access International is an independent financial services company focused exclusively on the property and casualty insurance market. Historically, we would be called a holding company, but we prefer the moniker of "Management Company."

This is because Access is comprised of successful entrepreneurs and operators, as well as those with stellar private equity and investment track records. We are focused on growing businesses in the property and casualty insurance market. We are interested in partnering with entrepreneurs and operators who want more than just capital. Along with capital, we also provide a complete suite of operational, sales, marketing, financing, and strategic resources.

Since we come from a background of building businesses, we understand that people are central to the development of a successful business. Executing on plan is simply not enough now; a successful company must continue to develop people within. We understand that great people are the rarest "asset" in today's business world, and we want to partner with those businesses that are committed to keeping people at their core while making their business a leader in its segment.

If you have a business in property and casualty insurance (from distribution to underwriting and service organizations to carriers) and are interested in a partner to grow and/or perpetuate the business you have worked to build, contact us..we can help.